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The license is for the dashboard, event handling and reporting features of People Counting, Heatmap, Dwell Time, ALPR, Parking Lot Management, Incident Management, Media Management, per channel. The license does not cover the analytics algorithm of above listed technologies.
Price listed is for single channel add-on license to work on Retail Application Suite, RAS-100, Parking Lot Management System, PLM-100, Incident Management System, IMS-100, Media Management Server, MMS-100, MDD-100, Meeting Resources Management Server or MRS-100. The number of add-on channel supported: 1-1000 (Incident Management System, IMS-100), 1-300 (MMS-100), No Limit (Media Management Server), 1-100 (RAS-100), No Limit (Retail Application Suite), 1-9 (MDD-100, K00012), 1-8 (Parking Lot Management System), 1-4 (PLM-100), No Limit (Parking Lot Management System), No Limit (Meeting Resources Management Server). This contract continues for 6 months starting at user defined date after payment.

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