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Multi-Purpose Adaptor with IX-SOFT License for the IX Series
The IXW-MA-SOFT is a multi-purpose adaptor with licenses for 1, 5, or 10 IX-SOFT installations.
The IXW-MA-SOFT comes with 4 contact inputs and 10 relay outputs. The inputs on the adaptor can be used to send a command to a specific station to perform a task. The relays on the adaptor can be associated to a specific station and programmed to change state when relay output 1 or 2 on the associated station changes state. This is beneficial when door release contacts need to be located inside the facility at a secure location, instead of at the door station.
The IXW-MA-SOFT is surface mounted to a 3 or 4-gang box or ring. Wire terminations are made via option connectors supplied with the unit. Each connecting wire will need to be secured with a wire nut or crimp connector.
The IXW-MA-SOFT is a PoE device, and can be programmed via IX Support Tool 5.0 or later.
IXW-MA-SOFT includes 1 IX-SOFT license.

IXW-MA-SOFT-5 includes 5 IX-SOFT licenses.

IXW-MA-SOFT-10 includes 10 IX-SOFT licenses.

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