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IXGW?LC-RY20 Relay Adaptor
The IXGW-LC-RY20 is a relay adaptor for the IXG Series IP multi-tenant video intercom system. This adaptor provides a Form C dry contact closure used for door release when paired with an IXG-DM7-HID entrance station.
The IXGW-LC-RY20 is equipped with 20 Form C relays. Up to 16 adaptors, along with the IXGW-LC, can be included in a building. Each relay can be con?gured and assigned to a speci?c IXG-DM7-HID entrance station. Individual relay contacts will activate when the door release for that entrance is activated. The elevator recall button on the IXG-2C7 tenant station can be used to activate a contact to recall the elevator to that speci?c ?oor.

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