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IXG Series Mobile App Gateway
Whether it's an apartment building, a high-rise, or a mixed-use complex with retail spaces, each tenant has their own lifestyle and schedule.
Accommodating the demands of these various schedules is no longer a challenge with the IXGW-GW Gateway.
IXGW-GW Lifetime License Gateway Adaptor provides the AIPHONE IXG mobile app lifetime license code and a physical IXGW-GW adaptor (see full list of models below). Simply choose the model based on the location, and size of the project, rounding up from the number of tenants you have. Only one gateway adaptor is allowed per system. This adaptor allows the system to be programmed to call cloud-based mobile apps.
With our latest mobile app, visitor screening can be done remotely with a smartphone or tablet. Contact your local Aiphone expert for information.

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