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Seco-Larm EB-P101-20HQ Passive 4-in-1 HD Video Balun with 6” Pigtail, Pack of 10

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  • 4-in-1 TVI / CVI / AHD (up to 4K) and Analog video
  • Transmits up to 1,312ft (400m) depending on format, resolution, and cable used
  • PAL / NTSC / SECAM compatible
  • Built-in TVS surge protection
  • Anti-static and wave filters
  • Lightning protection – Grade III
  • 60dB Crosstalk and noise immunity
  • Exceptional interference rejection
  • Real-time transmission over low-cost Cat5e/6 cable instead of costly coaxial cable
  • Quick-connect terminals for easy installation
  • Small size allows mounting of multiple baluns behind a DVR
  • Sold as Pair
  • Pack of 10



Max. Range TVI- 4MP: 590ft (180m) 4K: 426ft (130m), CVI- 4MP/4K: 656ft (200m), AHD- 4MP: 656ft (200m) 4K: 492ft (150m), Analog – 4MP/4K: 1,312ft (400m)
Common Mode Rejection 60dB, 15kHz~42MHz
Power No external power required
Wire Type UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) 24~16 AWG
Wire Category Cat2~Cat6
Impedance Coax, male BNC 75Ω@1MHz, Screwless terminal-100Ω@1MHz ±20Ω
Attenuation 1.5dB max.
Frequency response DC~42MHz
Surge Protection Renewable solid state surge protection
UTP Connection Nickel plated
Video Format NTSC, PAL, SECAM
Video Input 2KV (common mode), 10/700μs IEC6100-4-5/1955 (GB/T 1726, 5-1999)
Video Output 2KV (differential mode), 10/700μs IEC6100-4-5/1955 (GB/T 1726, 5-1999)
DC Loop resistance 52Ω/1000’ (18Ω/100m)
Differential Capacitance 19pF/ft max. (62pF/m max.)
Operating Humidity 0~95 % (Non-condensing)
Operating Temperature -4°~158° F (-20°~70° C)
Storage Temperature -40°~305° F (-40°~150° C)
Cable Length 5-15/16″ (150mm)
Case ABS Plastic
Weight 1.4-oz (40g)
Dimensions 1-1/2″x3/4″x13/16″ (38x19x20 mm) [Housing only]



Wavy or ghost image if connected to
image processor (e.g., multiplexer or
DVR), but not if directly to monitor.
  • Move the Cat5e/6 cable away from possible sources of interference.
  • Ensure that the same twisted pair connects to a balun at both ends of the
  • Replace the cable with a new Cat5e/6 cable.
Image background flutters between dark
and light.
  • Remove a local power source, or adjust the monitor’s brightness and
Image is wavy and shakes.
  • Try reversing polarity of the two wires at one end of the Cat5e/6 cable
Image is weak or faded.
  • Reduce the Cat5e/6 cable length.
  • Replace with a higher-grade cable. Cat5e cable meets the specifications
    in the manual. Cat6 cable allows longer range.
No image.
  • Double-check that the Cat5e/6 and BNC cables are connected properly.
  • Run a continuity test on all wires in the cable.
  • Check that the camera and monitor are powered up.
  • Ensure that the polarity of the Cat5e/6 connections is correct.

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